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Glenn C. Gonzales, CPM is CEO, partner, and co-founder of Obsidian Capital Co. Glenn is an entrepreneurial individual with over 30 years of real estate experience. Since 1994, Glenn has been an instructor for multiple apartment associations including: Utah, Washington and San Antonio. Glenn served as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for the Washington Multi-Family Housing Association, and was elected as President of the Association in 2006. He also served a two-year term as the chairman of the Public Relations Committee and a one year term as the Secretary Treasurer for the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM). Glenn also owned and grew Place 10 Residential, a Dallas based Property Management firm with 6,500 units under management, which he has since sold as of late 2018.  Prior to owning Place 10, Glenn spent many years working in multi-family and commercial property management with companies such as Equity Residential, Evergreen Management Group, Glacier Management, and gained a great deal of experience at Pacific Property Company, a value-add investment firm.  He is also a licensed real estate broker in multiple states and received the CPM (certified property manager) designation from IREM. Glenn’s many years of industry experience coupled with his ability to motivate and lead has enabled him to build an effective management operation and assemble a strong team of professionals.

Over Glenn's time in the business, he has acquired and sold many multifamily properties on the ownership side, primarily in Texas and is continuing to aggressively and profitably expand Obsidian Capital's portfolio. Glenn has owned over 4,500 apartments throughout his investment career.

Mike Woodfield, CPM is COO, partner, and co-founder of Obsidian Capital Co.


Mike got his multifamily experience from working for a small firm located in Austin Texas. Over the course of 5 years Mike oversaw the operations, asset management and construction management of nearly 5,000 apartment units totaling $300,000,000 in total assets under ownership.  During that time Mike oversaw the renovation of 2,500 multifamily units totaling $30,000,000 in improvements which created millions in value-add.

Since co-founding Obsidian Capital. Mike has participated in the acquisition, asset management and renovations of 1000 apartment units.


Mike has a BA in Public Relations from Utah State University, experience in executing turnarounds for under performing assets and over seven years of operation and marketing experience across multiple industries.

Nico Porter, an entrepreneur and co-founder of Platinum Investing Firm. Nico is an Industry Partner of Obsidian Capital. Nico collaborates with investors to create access to a risk averse generation of passive income and wealth through investing in creative multi family/land /development opportunities. Nico has experience in the evaluation, acquisition and transaction process for existing multi family assets, underwriting over $1B in value.

Nico has built up a portfolio of approximately $9,000,000 in multi family real estate and has raised north of $2M in capital by age 22.

Nico has a background working in finance operations with the second-largest privately held biologics distributor in the country. Nico has a Bachelors in Business Administration with a focus in Real Estate Finance from the University of Texas at San Antonio.


Brandon Gordon, co-founder of Platinum Investing Firm. Brandon is an Industry Partner and assists in Asset Management for Obsidian Capital. Brandon is an expert at sourcing multi-family deals direct from other owners. Brandon targets owners through various skip tracing methods for the most exclusive deal type by eliminating the broker as a middle man, allowing for hundreds of thousands saved in commissions. 


Brandon has built up a multi family portfolio of approximately $9,000,000 in value.

Brandon has a background working in operations management, acting as the head of operations for the second largest privately held biologics distributor in the country.


Andrew Brewer is a commercial operator and developer who brings years of experience in many facets of real estate to Obsidian Capital Company. Prior to joining Obsidian Capital, Andrew had a successful career as a stationary engineer. As an engineer Andrew oversaw operations in high rise commercial facilities valued individually at over $200M. He successfully completed full building turnarounds of underperforming commercial assets leading to improved operations, lower maintenance costs, and improved resident experiences. In addition to his engineering work Andrew has acted as a consultant in construction defect litigation lawsuits. He has assisted prosecutors in pursuing judgements in excess of $60M and overseen commercial reconstruction projects valued individually at over $12M.


Andrew works tirelessly to keep projects running smoothly and rigorously evaluates all potential opportunities with a nuanced analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each project and the corresponding market. By conducting an extensive review of all the factors that could impact a project’s success and profitability, Andrew is able to develop and implement cutting edge business plans that take full advantage of the benefits of each market while providing multiple strategies to shield against any downsides. 


Andrew has served as the lead General Partner in ground up multifamily development projects and land subdivision projects, and as a CO-GP in multifamily value-add projects. 

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Jason Richardson

Our Acquisitions Analyst oversees the underwriting and acquisitions process from start to final review from our ownership and board. Jason has over 10 years experience in operations, sales and business development in corporate healthcare where he successfully managed high performing teams and built high end strategic partner relationships. Jason has experience in underwriting over $200M in multifamily real estate transactions.


Heidi Gonzales

Our Transaction Manager has over 30 years of experience in real estate. She was an on-site property manager and progressed to a Regional Manager, all the while working as a licensed real estate agent. In 2000, she decided to make a change, and went to the flip side of the apartment industry to work for “For Rent Magazine”. She was the founding Executive Director for the Washington Multifamily Housing Association (WMFHA). She also obtained her Real Estate Brokers license, and operated her own real estate brokerage company.