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LOOKING to invest?

We are actively looking for interested investors who qualify as accredited or sophisticated, according to the SEC. Join our Investor Network below.

Some of Our Most Common Investors:

  • Dentists, Physicians, Attorneys, etc.

  • Professional Athletes

  • Corporate Executives

  • Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, etc.

  • Other Real Estate Investors

Investment Sources:

  • Liquid Capital or Personal Funds

  • Invest Directly From Self Directed IRA

  •  401(k) 

  • 1031 Exchange Funds

Our Process


Register on our Investor Portal and be notified as opportunities become available.

Select Investment

Browse our available investment opportunities, and select investments that fit your criteria.

Sign and Invest

Sign associated deal documentation (PPM and Operating Agreement), and send funds to escrow account.

Close and Earn

Upon closing, you will begin earning you proportionate share of distributions, which are made each quarter along the way.

Investor Portal

Register above for our Investor Portal.​ In this state of the art portal, you will be able to view investment opportunities, keep track of your current investments, view your current ROI and other metrics on each investment, and subscribe to invest in new opportunities. 

Our Strategy

We target real estate investments that carry both annual returns along with additional profits from the determined exit strategy.  Our philosophy on investing in real estate is that great wealth can be created through holding real estate property long term, allowing investors to benefit from increasing cash flows, appreciation, and the ability to exit at the proper time in the market cycle. Hold times vary but may be anywhere from 3 to 10+ years.  In certain scenarios we may invest in projects with a hold time of less than 3 years. 

Prior to entering into any transaction we stress test potential investments to ensure that they can withstand changing market conditions, and we strictly avoid over-leveraging our assets. In addition to stress testing, we primarily invest in assets that can be improved, called "value-add" investing. Value-add investing ensures that we can create equity and force appreciation, allowing for a greater margin of safety and also greater profits for each investment.

  • What is the minimum investment amount?
    The minimum investment per deal varies, but is typically $50,000 to $100,000. There is no maximum investment, however we suggest starting with a smaller investment amount if it is your first time investing with us.
  • How are distributions paid?
    Distributions for stabilized and semi-stabilized projects are typically made on a quarterly basis starting with the 1st or 2nd quarter after the investment is acquired. Although it is less frequent, on developments or major redevelopments we will typically defer the distributions for several quarters until income has stabilized enough to support quarterly distributions. Distributions are mailed out to your desired location or may be wired.
  • How will an investment effect my taxes?
    For the vast majority of our investments you will receive a K-1 form for each investment that you are involved in. Please communicate with your CPA or Tax Attorney for specific information regarding taxation.
  • What are your typical returns?
    For most of our projects, we target annual returns of 6-12% and overall returns and IRR's north of 15%. We have closed projects as low as 13% IRR and as high as 55% and 89% IRR's. Most investments average returns for investors in the mid to high teens. Returns will vary deal by deal, so please contact us to learn more about anticipated returns of a specific project.
  • Can I invest with my IRA?
    Yes, you can use your self-directed IRA or solo 401(k) to invest in our offerings. Contact your CPA to learn the details.
  • What current offerings do you have? How do I join your Investor Network?
    We do not advertise our open investment offerings online due to current SEC regulations. If you would like to join our Investor Network or learn of any current open investment opportunities please click the above link "Register Now".
  • What are my responsibilities as an investor?
    As an investor with Obsidian Capital Co. you will primarily be in a passive ownership position. Our firm handles the asset management and in some cases the property management in-house. Our goal is to help investors create wealth through real estate passively. In some cases where a substantial investment is made from an individual or institution there may be certain additional responsibilities or requirements. Please reach out to us for more information regarding making a substantial investment.
  • Do I need to be an Accredited Investor?
    The short answer is no. Not every investment will require that you are an accredited investor. Many projects that we work on utilize the SEC exemption, Regulation D 506(b), which allows up to 35 non-accredited investors per offering. If you would like to find out more, please register above and we will reach out to you to discuss.
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