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Maintenance Man to Millionaire by Glenn C. Gonzales is a personal account of his journey from humble beginnings to multi-million-dollar net worth. Sharing stories that are both humorous and heartbreaking, this real estate rock star guides everyday people through the essential steps for acquiring and managing property. The author’s gift for recognizing value in all the people he meets imbues his lessons with business insights and inspiring encouragements. Your best shot at acquiring wealth begins with understanding and appreciating your own true value. No matter where you are in life now, Gonzales’ candid appraisal of his own mistakes will provide a path for anyone who is willing to dream big and act.


"Glenn has a great story and one of the biggest takeaways is the value of relationships and networking. Even if you don't have money in hand at the beginning, meeting people and providing value to them will eventually create opportunities. Inspiring."

"Glenn’s humble approach and vast experience are the reasons he is a leader in is industry. The ABC’s of success. Great read !!!!!"

Mark Wilhelm - Entrepreneur

"The best part about the author Glenn is that not only has he created massive success in real estate and is the real deal, but he's also a man of incredible integrity, honesty, and truly wants to help others succeed. Take his advice and use it! It's coming from a great source. Love the book Glenn."

Joel Toupin - Dentist, Entrepreneur