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The most important tool for multifamily investors.

Real Estate Lab is a state of the art software that helps you analyze multifamily properties quickly and accurately so that you can make a decision on what price you need to pay and how much money you will make. Made for individuals and institutions alike, this is the most important tool for your business. All within your web browser.


Did we also mention it's Free to use?

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What is Real Estate Lab

Real Estate Lab is a web based multifamily analysis software that allows anyone to analyze and create financial models for multifamily properties. This is a necessary tool to create projections to see what your return on investment will be, and what price to pay for a property.  From 5 units to 500 units and larger, this tool seamlessly scales for any size multifamily property, and allows you to generate beautiful financial reports to share and review.

Real Estate Lab was created in order to perfect and streamline the underwriting and acquisitions process for multifamily investors. It began with David Toupin's hugely popular Microsoft Excel multifamily deal analyzer, and has been completely redesigned to be operated within a web browser from start to finish, eliminating the learning curve that comes along with many Microsoft Excel financial models and using technology to make the process significantly quicker and more accurate.

"When my excel multifamily deal analyzer began going viral in the industry, I realized that it was because of one main reason. Functionality and ease of use. It did the same thing as many other analyzer, but it was much more user friendly and it flowed easily. I have seen people buy bad deals based on bad spreadsheets, and I've seen others never invest in multifamily because the analysis step can be intimidating. This can be easily avoided. I want everyone to be able to invest in multifamily, not just the finance pros and institutional companies that can afford to spend tens of thousand of dollars on overly complex analysis software. With Real Estate Lab we have created the best multifamily analysis tool available at an affordable price point." - David Toupin, CEO of Real Estate Lab and Co-Founder of Obsidian Capital


  • Analyze a deal start to finish in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Exclusive educational platform. The most reliable resource for information on analyzing and acquiring multifamily properties start to finish provided by industry experts. Videos, text guides, walkthroughs, and webinars.

  • Full tutorial walkthrough showing how to use the analyzer.

  • Track and categorize your deal flow list on the dashboard.

  • Upload Rent Rolls and T12 financials to pull key data and to be automatically entered into your analysis.

  • Enter assumptions and see your financials projections update on the screen in real time.

  • Upload Documents and Photos to Deal Page.

  • View high level analysis data based on your analysis on the Deal Page.

  • Create preset assumptions to further speed up your analysis process.

  • Generate customizable professional reports to share with investors, partners, or your team.

  • Hire our team of Professional Multifamily Underwriters to review your analysis, or to fully analyze a deal for you start to finish.


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