Multifamily Deal Analyzer

David Toupin at Obsidian Capital has created a first class deal analyzer that allows you to financially analyze multifamily deals faster and more effectively.  Our analyzer is currently being used everyday by hundreds of real estate investors and investment firms and is recognized as one of the best in the industry.

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What This Deal Analyzer Has to Offer
The Professional Multifamily Syndication Deal Analyzer allows you to quickly and easily determine what price to offer for your next apartment deal, and helps you accurately project what you and your investors can anticipate to earn. 


Effective Design

Designed with all users in mind, not just for analytical and excel geeks. Organized to the "T" and color coded to allow for easy navigation. It makes analyzing deals quick and efficient. You input the numbers and it will help you do the rest.

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Syndication Metrics

Allows you to very easily input preferred returns, investor splits on income and sale and refinance profits, and builds out an "Investor Returns" page so that you can easily share it with your investors or place it into a deal summary.

Professional Grade

It took over 3 years analyzing hundreds upon hundreds of multifamily deals to create and perfect this analyzer, and we have bought hundreds of units using it. David Toupin used his experience as an auditor and investment banker to create this analyzer, while at the same time keeping it user friendly and simple to use.

Quality Maintenance

Our team uses this analyzer to analyze thousands of units every week, each time we find a great new feature we make the change and share the most updated version with you.

Built To Scale

This analyzer works for any size of property, but really excels when used on large multifamily properties. Good for 10 units up to 1,000+ unit deals. 

Investor Friendly

Made with investors in mind, there is a specific page that shows investment returns that you can save as a PDF and share with your investors to simplify the financials and projections.

Built With Lenders In Mind

Built with important metrics like Debt Service Coverage Ratio and Debt Yield, you can easily share with your lender to show that you have their best interest in mind as well, and make it easy for them to see how your deal will perform.


The analyzer will be sent to you along with a PDF guide on how to use it. Also, check out Obsidian YouTube channel for videos on how to use it.

*When you make purchase, please include the email address in the notes in Paypal that you would like to have the documents sent to. All sales are final.


Please allow up to 24 hours for Analyzer to be Sent to you after purchase is made.

- OR -

Download the free "Simple" version to try it out! Allows you to quickly analyze multifamily deals with few inputs, but does not include many of the key features and details of our primary Multifamily Deal Analyzer described above.


NOTE: Real Estate Lab Coming Soon!

David's Multifamily Deal Analyzer is currently being developed into an online web based platform with tons of new features that will make the deal analyzing process quick, simple, and even more accurate.  It will be an entire suite for multifamily acquisitions, called Real Estate Lab.  Real Estate Lab is set to launch in the summer of 2020. Stay tuned by downloading the free deal analyzer or purchasing the paid version for more details. Paid version purchasers will have early and discounted access to the new software.